• being better

    Written by Lacey Anderson // There is not a single person who has not struggled in this world. It’s about perspective. The scale of adversity is not comparable. You having had struggled is not unique, but your struggles are. They make you who you are. You are a culmination of all of your individual experiences. You choose who you become by the way you react to your personal adversities. And the abstract (and completely hypothetical) scale of how you’ve turned out as a person is entirely subjective. Because trying and failing makes you so much better than if you had not tried at all.

  • A Single Mile

    Written by Victorine Kulier // Why people feel like they have the right to openly judge a girl’s or woman’s body, I still don’t know to this date. Sadly, the majority of women go through these feelings more than just once in their lives. Feeling inadequate. Like they’re not enough but too much at the same time.

    I was lucky enough to soon find a fire inside of me that downright burned those comments to the ground. I discovered the pure joy and raw power of pushing my boundaries through running - and later triathlons.

  • Changing the Landscape

    Written by Kyla Sevilla // The year 2015 was also the year that my friends and I decided to change all of this. We wanted to create more space for us, women, to play and excel in sports. We were exhausted from hearing that we only needed to be skillful in fields outside of these sports and just inside the home. We believed that the construct of gender roles indoctrinated even in students as early as elementary cannot contribute to society’s progress. We were only sixteen - too ambitious for our age, but we still went for it.

  • A Short Biography of Wilma Rudolph

    Written by Samiksha Goel // "Wilma’s story is an absolute validation to the fact that in the act of self-liberation, we liberate the world with us."

  • Why Let Me Play

    Women in sports are essential.  They inspire, set new precedents, and break barriers.  I've seen it on TV and I've seen it in teammates, coaches, sisters, mothers, and neighbors.  Let Me Play is not only a digital magazine for the athletes on our favorite teams, and the ones who represent our countries - but...