Why Let Me Play

Let Me Play Magazine manifested first in the form of a digital Instagram zine.  Focused on curation rather than creation, Let Me Play was designed to portray strong females of all forms, especially those in sports.

Shortly after I began the Let Me Play zine, I saw the opportunity to do more than just curating an imageboard.  While women and sports together inspire some of the most colorful, beautiful, and bold visuals, I also hoped my message could be bigger than this.  After all, women in sports bring more to the table than just aesthetics. 

Women in sports are essential.  They inspire, set new precedents, and break barriers.  I've seen it on TV and I've seen it in teammates, coaches, sisters, mothers, and neighbors.  Let Me Play is not only a digital magazine for the athletes on our favorite teams, and the ones who represent our countries - but it's also for the girls that live next door, the ones we work with, the ones we love to hate, and the ones who we aspire to be like, not only on a superhuman level but on a very human level, too.

While Let Me Play is not only for women, we chose to celebrate women here and the miraculous things they do in the world of sports, fitness, health, and wellness. 

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